1. Tekhnology
  2. Constructive systems
  3. Production
1. Technology

Self-bearing mesh structural design of "SpaceStructure" consist of steel (or aluminum) rod and nodal elements, is applied in creation of metal translucent designs.Construction is installed without welding— all connections are bolted that provides additional durability and speed of production and installation. The spatial framework allows to replace any elements of a design without change of the bearing ability of a structure. Design of the building — the important part defining an esthetics, constructional features and key parameters of future building, or particular element. At this stage architects and designers of SpaceStructure will help to create any most courageous idea of the customer. Frame construction on our technology (except sensible logic) is not limit the imagination of the architect and the customer.

Advantages of SpaceStructure technologies:

  1. Opportunity to construct surfaces of any forms and sizes.

  2. Possibility of development of both unique, and standard constructive decisions

  3. High accuracy

  4. High speed of production and installation. Economic efficiency of application of the frame SpaceStructure technologies has an important factor — reduction of terms of construction. All SpaceStructure elements are connected with bolts (without welding). That accelerates process of installation . Modern production base, European equipment and adjusted schemes of delivery of the completing elements from leading European companies allow to provide the shortest terms of production and installation. Production power - more than 3 thousand sq.m per month.

  5. Possibility to be installed in interior as well as in the open air (therefore the type of a covering surface is chosen by the customer and an architectural idea. It can be a polymeric covering on Ral scale, galvanization, nickel plating, etc.

  6. For increasing fire resistance of a metalwork fireproof covering is used. In open air operation the system of coverings protecting a fireproof covering from moisture influence can be applied on a ready covering.

  7. Is suitable for any roofing materials (glass, stainless steel, composite materials)

All designs are created in accordance with : Construction Norms and Regulations 2.01.07-85 * "Loadings and influences".1. Construction Norms and Regulations of II-23-81 * "Steel structures".2. GOST 23118-99 "Construction steel structures. General specifications".3. Construction Norms and Regulations 23-01-99 * "Construction climatology and geophysics".4. Construction Norms and Regulations 2.03.11-85 "Protection of construction designs against corrosion".5. Joint venture 53-101-98 "Production and quality control of steel construction ".
2. Constructive systems

We offer two essentially different systems which can be applied as separately, and in synthesis with each other:

Ball-rod nodal system

Ball-rod nodal system: nodal connection of cores of a spatial framework of constructions contains the nodal element which has openings with a carving in each where the bolt is situated ,the ball is connected by the fastener – a pin with the flood plug which other end is attached to a core with the connecting element installed inside the rod.The nodal element is made in the form of an integral sphere. The connecting element is in the form of a cover which smaller diameter is equal to the internal diameter of a core, and bigger is equal to the external diameter of a core. The plug has one opening with a carving under a pin, and a bolt surface has the groove under a pin in the field of the plug.






1-nodal element (integral sphere). 2-opening with a carving for a bolt. 3-high-strength bolt with an internal hexagon. 4-pin with a carving (a coupling clamp). 5-coupling. 6-rod (round pipe). 7-cover. 8-opening with a carving in the coupling for a pin. 9-groove in a bolt for a pin. 10- semiautomatic welding.

Project example: a hangar for the plane in the Novgorod region, arch without intermediate support, flight 72 meters.

Cylindrical nodal system with a rectangular pipe

Facade – cylindrical nodal system, single-layer structure in a triangular geometrical surface. Accompanying elements are directly connected with the bearing design. On a nodal element platforms for acceptance of cores are milled from the cylinder .

Project example: Flower-Bud in Novosibirsk, 2012

3. Production

Production of structural farms of SpaceStructure takes into account all existing requirements for quality and design, and meets modern productional requirements. SpaceStructure company - is the independent producer of all necessary elements of constructional system. Our production is located in Novosibirsk and equipped with the up-to-date equipment of the leading global manufacturers.