Constructions with span over than 36m are wide-span systems. Wide-span constructions without support are absolutely unique. Objects with flights more than 100 m are also related to them. Use of wide-span designs allows to use as much as possible bearing qualities of material and to use them as easy and economic coverings. These factors are especially important today when reduction of weight of constructions in general becomes the defining factor of modern building process. That is why wide-span constructions attract such a great interest. In design of wide-span buildings, great accuracy is needed for protection against the progressing collapse, low-quality production of the bases or installation of the bearing designs, influence of seismic and dynamic loadings.

Examples of projects of overlapping of big spaces by a structural design are presented In "Our Projects and Constructions" gallery. In the project of domes of Salekhard we used the single-layer structure, diameter of a big dome – 70 m. In the project of Mars factory we used structural farms (the blocked sizes in plan: 60х48 m) as well as in a hangar for the plane (flight of 71 m).

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