Except the architectural expressiveness arches have undoubted advantage before frame designs because of the smaller bending moments. Arches apply to coverings of exhibition halls, markets, sport constructions, hangars, stations, etc. Last time arch designs apply even to small buildings: greenhouses, workshops, warehouses, shops of various productive purposes. Flightsof arches fluctuate from 15 to 100 m and more. Efficiency of arches increases with increase of flight. The size of horizontal pressure depends on loading, flight and an arrow of rise ,it can fluctuate in considerable limits. The perception of horizontal pressure demands special constructive measures.

Ball-rod system allows to construct arch with flights to 100 m. In 2012 the Space Structure company built a construction with flight of 71 m - a hangar for the plane IL-76, in the Novgorod region, Staraya Russa.

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